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What can you expect from our will solicitors in Manchester and Glossop?

First and foremost, our team’s aim is always to get everything sorted out quickly and painlessly with minimal disruption to you. Your will solicitor in Manchester or Glossop can also cut out all jargon and red tape if needed so that you can remain completely comfortable, with a full understanding of the process ahead.

Our team will be able to consult you on everything including trusts, gifts and tax. Meanwhile, we can make sure that all your requests are included and fully explained within the document, so that your wishes are respected once you’re gone and the possibility of will disputes occurring is dramatically reduced. It is important to remember that a will is the only way of ensuring that your assets are passed according to your wishes after your death.

What happens if you don’t register a will?

Which! reported that 54% of adults currently living in the UK do not have a registered will. This means that 46% are risking leaving their entire estate, including their finance and assets, to the ruling of UK intestacy law. This is something the person’s family who are left behind has no control over.

Without a formal will, you risk a myriad of potential problems. For example, an unmarried partner would not have automatic entitlement to aspects of your estate, or your children may not inherit what you wish.

When might you need a probate specialist?

We would recommend you appoint an experienced probate solicitor to manage your situation. This particularly important when the deceased died without a will in place, if there are complex agreements in place, or if the estate is valued over the £325,000 inheritance tax threshold.

Tax advice and guidance

During the will writing process, we also need to think about tax implications. In meetings with your solicitor, they can gain a clear understanding of your circumstances in order to make sure that your will is structured to be as tax efficient as possible.

If you have assets worth more than £325,000, it is worth remembering that these will be subject to Inheritance Tax (IHT) of 40%. By making the most of the various exemptions available, we can really help you to maximise the amount you are able to leave behind to your family and friends.

When planning for the future, our solicitors can also help you to appoint Lasting Powers of Attorney as well as providing you with will writing and updating services.

Our services

Our experienced, empathetic and understanding wills solicitors can provide the following services:

  • Preparation of a will
  • Reviewing and updating an existing will
  • Estate and inheritance tax planning
  • Administration of estates and obtaining grants of representation
  • Drafting and administration of trusts
  • Inheritance Act and disputed estate claims
  • Setting up an asset protection trust
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney

If you have a specific question about your will, please contact us or you can read our FAQ page here.