Why Instruct Davis Blank Furniss?

What may prompt you to instruct Davis Blank Furniss?

Because someone has made or is pursuing an allegation that may impair your fitness to practice in the judgement of your Regulator.

Why would you consider instructing us rather than your insurer or a defence union (either of which pay your legal costs)?

a) Because you are not covered by Insurance or a Defence Union or because your Insurer or Defence Union has refused cover, either for the adjudication process or, more likely, for an appeal; or
b) You are not happy with the way your defence is being pursued or you wish to change those that are handling it but you are not covered for such a change; or
c) You want a second opinion.

Why would you consider instructing us rather than others?

a) Because you are impressed with our approach.
b) Because we are independent, we are beholden only to you as the paying party and therefore our sole objective is your satisfaction most often in terms of the result obtained. We do not obtain work from third parties i.e. Insurers or Defence Unions, we are beholden only to the person instructing us.

What is our approach?

a) To fashion a defence that is both appropriate and suitable to you.
b) To advise you succinctly and clearly as soon as we are in receipt of all relevant information and to assess the likely outcomes at an early stage.
c) To formulate and pursue a strategy with you in an endeavour to obtain the best achievable objective.
d) To respond to your requirements and without delay and not to keep you in the dark.


It will be impossible to claim reimbursement of your legal costs unless truly exceptional circumstances apply whatever the result. Therefore you need to be aware that you will be responsible for our fees whatever the outcome.