Victory for common sense

Many businesses and organisations panic over three little words, health and safety.  My advice is that health and safety is common sense.  This is the most misinterpreted area of the law and causes the most sleepless nights.  As an organisation your duty at work to employees, visitors and the public only extends to what is reasonably practicable.

Yesterday there was yet another victory for common sense.  Mrs Justice Thirlwall threw out a claim of a young girl who was paralysed in a swimming pool accident during a late night party.  She was attempting to sue the owner of the house where she was visiting for £6,000,000.  Tragically, Kelly Grimes was left paralysed from the chest down after the force of the impact broke a vertebrae below the brace of her neck.  Mrs Justice Thirlwall found “it would not be fair, just or reasonable to impose upon the owner a duty of care which required him to put his pool out of bounds at night or to prohibit adults diving into the pool”.  If you have any worries about health and safety matters please do contact Kate Oldfield on 0161 832 3304 or

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