Tribunal Statistics

Shiva Shadi, Partner and Head of Employment at Davis Blank Furniss

The Ministry of Defence has published its latest statistics for the period of April to June 2018.

The statistics show that the number of single employment tribunal claims increased by 165% and the number of single claims outstanding rose by 130%.  Recruitment of judges is currently being undertaken but the backlog will still take some time to clear.

In terms of awards given, disability discrimination had the largest average award at £30,700 and religious discrimination the lowest averaging £5,100. The average award for unfair dismissal during that period was £15,007.

The removal of fees has certainly had a significant impact and we are finding that response times from the Tribunal keep getting longer.  It is also a warning to employers that the deterrent for Claimants is no longer there and it is even more crucial that policies and procedures are correctly implemented.

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