Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices

Shiva Shadi, Partner and Head of Employment at Davis Blank Furniss

The Taylor Review was published this month.  The proposals include: –

  • Keeping the distinction between employers and workers and naming workers “dependent contractors”.
  • Definitions to be implemented for employees and workers.
  • Removing the requirement for workers to have a contract to preform work personally.
  • Treating workers treated as “employed” for the purposes of their tax status.
  • Extending the right to a written statement of terms to workers as well as employees.
  • Requirement for written statement to be given from the outset of employment.
  • Written statements to include a description of statutory rights.
  • A standalone compensation for failure to provide written statements.
  • Increasing in the rate of national minimum wage for hours that are not guaranteed.
  • Preservation of continuity of employment, where the gap is less than 1 month rather than 1 week.
  • Increasing the reference period for calculating holiday pay in cases where pay is variable from 12 week to 52 weeks.
  • Agency workers to have a right to require a direct contract after 12 months on an assignment.
  • Zero hours contractors to have the right to request guaranteed hours after 12 months.
  • Allowing flexible working requests to cover temporary as well as permanent changes to contracts.
  • Providing SSP to all workers.
  • Individuals to have the right to return to work following long term sickness absence.
  • Whilst the above are some of the recommendations, they will not all be easy to implement.  It will be a matter of waiting to see how the proposals are received by the Government and the extent to which they are implemented.

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