Will Writing Solicitors

We understand that contemplating death and organising a will is something you’d rather put off and forget about. But, there are few other things that are as important, so we would recommend getting started right away.

With the help of expert will solicitors at Davis Blank Furniss, drafting and updating your will can remain completely simple and straightforward. As specialists in the field, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the document we draft up accurately reflects your requests and also looks after the people you care about the most when you are no longer around to do so.

What you can expect from our will solicitors

First and foremost, our legal team’s aim is always to get everything sorted out quickly and painlessly with minimal disruption to you. Your will solicitor can also cut out all jargon and red tape if needed so that you can remain completely comfortable, with a full understanding of the process ahead.

Our team will also be able to consult you on everything including trusts, gifts and tax. Meanwhile, we can make sure that all your requests are included and fully explained within the document, so that your wishes are respected once you’re gone and the possibility of will disputes occurring is dramatically reduced.

Tax advice and guidance

During the will writing process, we also need to think about tax implications. In meetings with your solicitor, they can gain a clear understanding of your circumstances in order to make sure that your will is structured to be as tax efficient as possible.

If you have assets worth more than £325,000, it is worth remembering that these will be subject to Inheritance Tax (IHT) of 40%. By making the most of the various exemptions available, we can really help you to maximise the amount you are able to leave behind to your family and friends.

When planning for the future, our solicitors can also help you to appoint Lasting Powers of Attorney as well as providing you with will writing and updating services.