Will Disputes

Get will disputes advice.

If you need any legal advice or assistance with regards to will disputes, contact the Davis Blank Furniss team now.

Losing a family member or friend is an upsetting experience, which can become even more difficult if will disputes occur after they have passed.

If you are dealing with a disagreement about a will or estate at present, Davis Blank Furniss has a team of specialist solicitors who can guide you through this complicated and stressful time in order to help you resolve any issues and reach a conclusion that is as fair as possible.

Common disputes regarding wills and estates

Our will solicitors have substantial experience in handling many different types of disputes and disagreements, so will be able to competently deal with any problem you currently face.

Commonly, we find that will disputes arise in the following circumstances:

  • A will is unclear and doesn’t offer the full picture
  • Not all assets are accounted for
  • Tax implications or financial matters are not properly considered
  • Changes are made in suspicious circumstances
  • When inheritance is unclear

These issues tend to arise when a legal document has been drawn up by an inexperienced legal professional or crafted without proper care and attention, resulting in the will lacking clear information and explanations regarding the requests a person has made prior to their passing.

Our legal services

Whether you are contesting a will or are dealing with someone challenging a will in which you are a beneficiary, our specialist solicitors can help you to successfully deal with the dispute.

As we understand that facing such issues can be highly traumatic, we will look to sort out everything through mediation and negotiation at first. Our specialists will also take care to provide a compassionate and caring legal service, while handling the process in a clear and structured manner, making sure that the process is as pain-free as possible for you.

If you need any further information on how Davis Blank Furniss can help with will disputes, please feel free to read our Wills, Trusts & Probate brochure.