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Reasons for setting up a Trust Fund

A trust gives you the opportunity to make one or more trustees legally responsible for an asset, such as money, property and shares. The reasons commonly given for setting up a trust include:

  • Straightforward and efficient transfer of assets in the event of your passing
  • Tax efficiency due to reduction in Inheritance Tax
  • Financial stability and protection for children
  • Protection of family and family assets

There are many types of trusts available, which are suitable for different circumstances. Our trust law solicitors have a clear and in-depth understanding of all solutions, so will be able to evaluate your situation by looking at factors such as your family circumstances, assets, children, tax and IHT in order to determine the best way forward for you.

Support and guidance from Davis Blank Furniss

Once you and one of our dedicated trust law solicitors have decided on the correct option for your circumstances, we can then use our knowledge and experience to help plan out and establish a legal document that adequately protects your assets. Our team can also provide comprehensive support with any ongoing administration that is required.

Further legal services

When looking to plan for the future, Davis Blank Furniss can also provide legal advice and assistance for will writing, estate and tax planning as well as Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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