Helping you to claim for compensation

Professional negligence touches on many complex areas of the law, and many requirements have to be met in order to bring a successful compensation claim.

Davis Blank Furniss solicitors have plenty of experience dealing with different forms of professional negligence, and will only pursue your claim if we believe it is in your best interests. Prior to starting a claim, we will address the following:

  • Duty of care: were you owed a duty of care by the professional?
  • Breach of duty: did their conduct fall below the expected standard?
  • Damage and/or loss: did the breach cause you to suffer any damage or loss?

If it is found that you have suffered a loss or damage, our team will use their expertise to recover any damages and costs you have had to deal with from the responsible party.

Procedures and court proceedings

We always aim to deal with matters as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, and will work hard to settle your dispute without going through court proceedings.

However, we understand that this is not always possible. If the matter cannot be resolved outside of court, you will get expert representation from one of our solicitors who will strive to prove that professional negligence has taken place and secure you the settlement that you deserve.

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