Professional Defence

If you’re faced with a disciplinary defence situation, then you need someone who’s on your side to guide you through what can be an extremely stressful and complex procedure.

With your career hanging in the balance, we’ll do all we can to help, offering advice and legal assistance and providing you with respected representation to add weight to your defence.

Where a complaint has been made about you, and local procedures have proved inadequate, we can take over, ensure the correct procedures have been followed and structure a strong defence.

The best place to start is with an initial consultation, to chat through your particular situation then move on from there.

Our expertise in professional disciplinary defence includes:

  • Actual or threatened investigations
  • Appearing before a regulatory fitness to practice panel
  • Appealing decisions
  • Structuring appeals
  • Accusations of misconduct, deficient performance, criminal conviction or caution, physical or mental ill-health

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