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If you need any legal advice or assistance with regards to matrimonial law, contact the Davis Blank Furniss team now.

Matrimonial Solicitors

If you are going through a change in your relationship, either by getting married, separated or divorced, turn to Davis Blank Furniss for personable legal guidance from our expert team.

We understand that getting divorced or separated can be one of the most stressful experiences you ever have to go through. Our matrimonial solicitors can guide you through the event with a great deal of compassion and support. We can also help you to prepare for married life by setting up any agreements you need to protect you and your partner in the future.

Our services

Matrimonial specialists working at Davis Blank Furniss can help with any matters related to family law, including:

  • Divorce
  • Judicial separation
  • Civil partnership disputes
  • Financial and children matters

As well as assisting during relationship breakdowns, we can also help to set up cohabitation agreements and pre-nuptial agreements.

What to expect from our team

We have a range of expertise within the matrimonial solicitors department including trained collaborative lawyers and resolution accredited specialists, and can handle any complex or sensitive issue you face.

From your initial meeting right through to the conclusion, you can depend on your solicitor to provide comprehensive and practical advice. We also won’t confuse you with any legal jargon, so that you can remain fully in control of the process. The team will also work with other departments at Davis Blank Furniss to help with any property or business issue you are dealing with.

Above all, our matrimonial solicitors will work hard to reach a swift and agreeable conclusion so that you can start to get on with your future.

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If you would like us to help you to prepare for a marriage, divorce or separation, please get in contact on 08000 284 396 for an initial consultation with one of our matrimonial solicitors.