Lawyer Supported Mediation

Davis Blank Furniss is an official provider of Lawyer Supported Mediation – a new approach for resolving issues that can arise during a divorce or separation.

In our opinion, lawyers and solicitors helping out with mediation is the best choice for separating couples who, although in disagreement, want to avoid the stress and cost of court proceedings. Through the process you are able to keep us as your lawyer, helping to resolve financial issues and to agree upon childcare arrangements.

Why choose this approach?

Lawyer Supported Mediation can combine the best of both worlds for many separating couples. Our family law solicitors can still provide you with all the specialist advice that you require, while a highly qualified mediation solicitor will be able to help you reach an agreement that is fair and legally compliant.

This alternative approach to divorce is often the best option for those looking for:

  • Financial stability: We can provide you with the legal support and advice you need for a fixed fee. Our legal team will take into account your specific requirements and financial circumstances when calculating the amount, and confirm it with you to check you are entirely comfortable.
  • A well-managed separation: In terms of time and cost, Lawyer Supported Mediation can be highly efficient as it gives you both the opportunity to agree on issues without having to deal with costly and time-consuming court hearings and trials, providing you with financial peace of mind.
  • An amicable parting of ways: For partners looking to divorce on good terms, mediation solicitors help you to work out any concerns together, which can prevent any additional challenges or further hurt from taking place in the future.

Publicly available statistics tell us that of all the people who attempt family mediation, over two-thirds go on to reach agreement. Of course, if you are unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion, or believe that Lawyer Supported Mediation is not the right approach, our family law solicitors also specialise in traditional divorce methods and can provide assistance during any court proceedings.

What about my separating or former partner?

Both parties are required to participate in family mediation. Our partner and founder of Lawyer Supported Mediation, Advantage Resolution Ltd, can act as a professional go-between to determine whether your spouse is willing to participate, at no additional cost to you.

They will be able to liaise directly with your separating partner. For example, Advantage Resolution can offer them a free legal consultation with a second official provider of Lawyer Supported Mediation who offers a similar range of fixed legal fees to Davis Blank Furniss in order to achieve parity of services.

Getting advice and support for Lawyer Supported Mediation

To find out how our solicitors can help you with mediation, please call our Family Team on 08000 284 396