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Grandparent Rights

Children are always the most important aspect of any divorce proceedings, and grandparents will be as concerned as anyone to ensure their grandchildren’s welfare is looked after and they experience minimal disruption to their everyday life.

Many grandparents also worry about losing contact with their grandchildren and want to take steps to ensure they are not prevented from enjoying quality time with them.

Davis Blank Furniss can advise you on the legal channels available in these circumstances, and our sensitive approach will help guide you through the process.

What are your options?

While grandparents do not have any automatic legal right to see their grandchildren, family courts invariably understand the importance of maintaining these relationships.

However, if you are being prevented from spending time with your children for whatever reason, you must ask the courts for permission to apply for a Child Arrangements Order.

In these instances, the courts will consider your connection to the child, the nature of your application and whether or not your request will have any detriment to the child’s wellbeing.

In order to ensure you receive the permission you need, it is essential to consult experienced family law solicitors to help you with this process. Davis Blank Furniss can ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of proceeding to the next step.

It is very rare that the courts will refuse to grant a Child Arrangements Order for grandparents, and it is often the case that these situations can be resolved amicably without the courts needing to intervene.

Our solicitors will provide all the help you need to ensure you don’t miss out on those special moments with your grandchildren.