Get legal advice about child arrangements.

If you need any legal advice or assistance with regards to child arrangements, contact the Davis Blank Furniss family law team now.

Child Arrangements

Our family law solicitors can offer specialist guidance and legal advice to help you to arrange childcare in the best interests of your children.

Children are the innocent parties in parental separations. So it is essential to keep the process simple and straightforward, causing minimal stress and upheaval to their lives. Meanwhile, it is also important to be able to negotiate arrangements that you are happy with.

Our solicitors always take into account the needs of parents and children when we provide legal advice about child arrangements. With legal assistance from our specialist family law department, you have the opportunity to achieve a happy and secure future for everyone involved.

Our services

When offering legal advice and support in relation to children matters, we will always talk you through everything to do, including all of the different orders set out by The Children Act 1989. Common issues we deal with include:

  • Seeking child arrangements following a separation
  • Preventing an ex-partner from spending time with children in the event that it is unsafe or not in that child’s best interests
  • Child contact issues such as unsupervised visits and overnight stays

As we understand that going through family and relationship issues can be an incredibly stressful time, our team will work hard to provide you with a compassionate service where we focus on resolving your situation in a way that prioritises you and your children.

Amicable childcare solutions

Wherever possible, our family law solicitors will look to resolve any child care issues through negotiation and mediation. This can help to keep discussions between you and your partner amicable, protecting both you and your children from any disputes and hostility.

We know that this is not possible for everyone, so we can also offer legal advice and support for those looking to make arrangements through court proceedings.

Whichever approach you choose to take, you can trust our family solicitors to provide you with the best possible solution.