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Redundancy Solicitors

If you are facing redundancy, get advice from solicitors at Davis Blank Furniss to make sure that the process is fair, legal and appropriately handled by your employer.

Employers need to have a genuine reason for redundancy. However, our solicitors have been involved in cases where employers try to pull the wool over employees’ eyes by using redundancy as a cover for something else; fail to follow the correct procedure or not offer the employee their full entitlements. In lots of cases this can result in a claim for unfair dismissal.

By seeking advice from our specialists, you can make sure that your employer adheres to a fair redundancy procedure in compliance with employment law, to achieve the best possible result.

How we can help during a redundancy procedure

Davis Blank Furniss redundancy solicitors have an in-depth understanding of employment law, so you can guarantee that the legal guidance and support we give will be acutely tailored to your personal situation.

If you find yourself in a redundancy situation, we can provide advice on whether your employer’s procedure is compliant. In brief this should include:

  • A fair selection process
  • A warning of potential redundancy
  • A period of consultation
  • The correct amount of notice
  • The correct amount of redundancy pay

Your dedicated solicitor will offer advice on whether the dismissal or redundancy is fair, and if it is being handled appropriately. They will also be able to provide you with information on redundancy payments and what you are entitled to.

Claiming for unfair dismissal

Our employment law team are also experienced in helping people who believe that their planned or actual redundancy has been unfair or unlawful.

The legal team will take the time to listen to your circumstances and decide on the best course of action. If we believe that it would be in your best interests to pursue a claim for unfair dismissal, a dedicated redundancy solicitor will use their expertise to prepare a strong case against your employer and/or negotiate a settlement with them.

If an early settlement cannot be reached without resorting to tribunal proceedings, we can also provide you with expert legal representation throughout the proceedings to help you get justice for the unfair dismissal that has taken place.