Commercial Mortgage Advice

Reliable advice for commercial mortgages and Re-mortgages.

The rate and conditions of your mortgage can make all the difference to your business. Whether you’re in the professional, commercial or industrial business sector, we can help you get the best option on a mortgage or re-mortgage.

We’ll talk you through the potential benefits and pitfalls of owning your own commercial property and explain how the process works. Commercial mortgage and re-mortgage rates are usually based on individual circumstances, looking at the strength of your proposition and your track record in business. Because we know exactly how to go about it, we can structure your proposal to get you best possible terms.

When we’re involved right from the start of the business planning process, we can help complete everything quickly, with no disputes or issues, so get us on the case today.

Our expertise covers:

  • Purchasing your existing commercial premises
  • Investing in commercial property
  • Mortgages
  • Re-mortgages
  • Property for professionals, such as dentists, general practitioners, opticians, and veterinary surgeons
  • Property for the commercial business sector, including hotels, guest houses, health clubs, pubs, restaurants, schools and care homes
  • Property for the industrial business sector, including factory units and warehouses