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If you need any legal advice or assistance with regards to health & safety law, contact the Davis Blank Furniss team now.

How we help you

When health and safety issues arise there are many ways you can get help from Davis Blank Furniss, for example:

If you’re prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the Crown or Magistrates Court, our health and safety solicitors represent you and make sure you have the strongest possible case.

If an employee has an accident at work, we jump to your aid and make sure everything is appropriately handled. This includes taking witness statements, liaising with the police, attending police station interviews and attending interviews with the HSE.

If you need expert advice through any area of the law. Our solicitors make clear every aspect of health and safety law, and with this guidance you may ensure future legal compliance and prevent the cost of avoidable accidents and avoidable claims made against your business.

But don’t take that all from us, the ability to help people through difficult problems is something our clients have recommended us for again and again:

“Approachable, practical solutions to problems, but most of all very responsive which I personally think is very important because if you need help, you need it quickly.”

– Joanne Rowe, FD, Greater Manchester Chamber

For further information download the Health & Safety brochure.

Health and Safety Solicitors

Whether it’s expert and practical guidance or representation in court, our solicitors will stand behind you and your business, giving you the strength to make your best case. So if something has happened and you need somewhere to turn – turn to the health and safety solicitors at Davis Blank Furniss.

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