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Legal Support with Workplace Disputes

Unfortunately, disputes do often take place within the work environment. If handled correctly, you can prevent them from escalating into costly and time-consuming legal action.

If you are dealing with a workplace dispute, employment law solicitors at Davis Blank Furniss can help you to resolve the issue quickly and effectively. By providing bespoke advice on your legal requirements and offering practical solutions to help you resolve the problem, we can help to stop the disagreement from developing into a major disruption.


Mediation – a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution – is increasingly being used by businesses as a method of resolving workplace disputes. The benefits include:

  • Better communication – as it encourages people to listen to other’s opinions, this can minimise conflict and promote structured communication, co-operation and responsibility
  • Practical solutions – rather than looking to establish a right or wrong, mediation focuses on ironing out any issues and reaching a workable solution

Mediation can be a good choice for those who want to uphold a working relationship, and it can give you the opportunity to bypass the stresses and costs involved in court proceedings. Mediation can take place as part of your pre-existing internal disciplinary and grievance processes or as a stand-alone process.

Davis Blank Furniss solicitors will help clients involved in a workplace dispute to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion. We can assist in identifying the issues, help you communicate your positions and offer guidance and suggestions during the negotiation of solutions, making sure that the outcome reached is in your best interests.

Employment Tribunals

Unfortunately, workplace disputes do sometimes escalate into Employment Tribunals. If this does happen, you can count on our solicitors to provide all the legal assistance you require. We will work hard to defend your position throughout the proceedings, and will make every effort to protect your business from damage to minimise the impact of the litigation.

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