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Long Term Sickness Leave

When tackling leave for long term sickness, our employment law solicitors can help you to determine the best course of action so that you can remain fully compliant, and protected from disputes.

We understand that absence in any form can have a negative impact on your workplace, with long term sick leave often affecting both productivity and business costs. Our team can help you to establish a clear policy so that you can manage employee sickness and help them back to work as soon as possible. We can also support you through any capability procedures related to long term sick leave that you may face.

Dealing with long term sickness leave

It is important to follow a fair and legally compliant process when dealing with staff on long term sickness absence leave, as it can help demonstrate that you have done your utmost to support them and both encourages and facilitates their return to work.

When tackling long term sickness absence, our team can provide advice and assistance with the following:

  • Arranging consultations and review meetings with the employee
  • Seeking appropriate medical advice and drafting letters of instructions to GPs and other medical experts
  • Reviewing options for alternative employment
  • Offering any necessary adjustments to their role or working conditions
  • Following a formal capability route if you are unable to continue with the employee

By acting reasonably as well as applying a fair and proper procedure, you can make an employee’s return to work from long term sickness as simple and straightforward as possible.

Dismissal of employees on long term sick leave

If it is found that your employee is not capable of returning to work or taking on alternative employment, our solicitors can provide advice on whether dismissal is an appropriate option. If so we will guide you through the procedure to ensure any potential risks are minimised, helping to avoid claims for unfair dismissal or disability discrimination.

By remaining fair and lawful throughout a dismissal arising from long term sickness absence, you can reduce the risk of grievances or claims arising against your business, and you can have the ability to defend yourself against such claims should they occur.

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