Commercial Litigation Solicitors

Get commercial litigation advice.

If you need any legal advice or assistance with regards to commercial litigation, contact the Davis Blank Furniss team now.

Commercial litigation can often be complicated and a large drain on resources if handled incorrectly. At Davis Blank Furniss, we have for years years worked with businesses in Manchester, the North West and beyond on commercial litigation cases. This means that our team, which specialises in all types of litigation cases, acutely understands there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Having successfully handled a range of challenging and complex issues our commercial, technically excellent and proactive lawyers will be able to handle any legal action you currently face. They always strive to reach an agreeable solution as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Get commercial litigation advice.

Our solicitors are highly experienced in handling many different issues related to commercial litigation and dispute resolution, including:

  • Breach of contracts
  • Professional negligence
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Shareholder and director disputes

Whatever problem you currently face, our solicitors can help you to reach a solution that is in the best interests of your business. We will work hard to keep everything calm and focused and will aim to ensure that any dispute is settled swiftly and efficiently in order to keep any disruption to a minimum.

If an amicable settlement can’t be reached, our legal team can also be relied upon to pursue or defend your business with drive and vigour, making sure that you remain in control throughout any proceedings.

How we protect you from commercial litigation

When dealing with commercial litigation and dispute resolution, Davis Blank Furniss solicitors will set up a consultation to perform an initial analysis. This will allow us to gain a full understanding of the situation and guide you through the options available.

The legal team will then develop a strategic approach tailored to your business, while also working with other necessary departments within the firm such as property and employment to make sure that the best possible outcome is achieved.

As we believe that prevention is always better than cure, our commercial litigation specialists can also help you to put together a plan to protect you against any disputes in the future.

Free initial consultation

If you are currently facing commercial litigation or would like to reduce the risk of disputes arising, contact Davis Blank Furniss on 08000 284 396 or use our online appointment and enquiry service to set up your initial consultation.