What does your role at Davis Blank Furniss involve?
Ensuring clients are adequately compensated for injuries received through no fault of their own.

What is the best thing about your job?
Knowing I am helping people, building up their trust in me and not letting my clients or my employers down.

What is the best case that you have been involved in?
It is impossible to pinpoint one case in particular because all my cases are as good – and important – as the next.  It is particularly satisfying when we win a defended case at the eleventh hour after knowing all along, sometimes for a few years, that the defendants are wrong.

Name the person who has had the biggest influence on your career.
Jon Litherland who gave me the opportunity to rise up the employment ladder, taught me what he knew and set me on my way.

If you were not a senior litigation assistant, what would you be doing/where would you be?
I actually planned be working in the fashion industry.  I stayed on at school to obtain a fashion and design qualification with the dream of taking it further and becoming a fashion designer.  Somehow I slipped into office work, but I must enjoy the office environment because 31 years later I am still here and my planned career in fashion became a pipedream!

You work at our Glossop office.  What’s the best thing about doing business in Glossop?
Because it is a small town, you become well known and it is pleasing when past clients recommend you on to new clients and they just pop into the office due to a recommendation.

If someone was visiting Glossop, what would be your top tip for them to do?
Make sure you go on a walk or drive on the outskirts of Glossop.  We have some lovely walks.  Looking down on Glossop from the hills is great and the scenery is spectacular.

To learn more about Jackie and her work, please visit her personal profile page.

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