John Alcock

John Alcock at DBF Law


John can be strong and forceful in fighting your corner, or he can be conciliatory and persuasive.  The crucial bit is that he knows what will work best.  And so he should, for he can draw on forty years of experience in the law.

He also has a sound grasp of commercial principles which he puts to good use in assessing your business needs and proposing imaginative  solutions to apparently intractable problems.  In short he’s an all rounder with the background and expertise to assess most cases known to lawyers.

He was a partner in the firm until 2003 since when he has enjoyed (yes, that’s the right word) what was supposed to be an easier life as a consultant, but which in practice has turned out to be anything but that!

His favourite activities outside the office are walking, running, film going, gardening and sleeping.  He also supports Port Vale.

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