Glossop Working Mums Networking Group

When I moved to work in Glossop, a place where I live with my husband and children, I very much felt that I didn’t want to sit behind my desk, shuffling papers all day, but that I really wanted to get out into the community and build a really good network of local contacts.

I had done a lot of networking in my previous job, but always found it very formulaic and formal and that rarely, did it lead to establishing the sort of close business links, that I wanted to build in Glossop.

My view was that there had to be a better way to do things and so I decided I would set up my own group, rather than just sit back and be dissatisfied with what was already on offer.

Where to start?  I decided the best thing was to draw on what I already knew.  As I haven’t worked in Glossop until recently, my experience has been as a resident and mother of 2 young children.  I noticed that within my own friendship network, there were lots of mothers who were trying to set up their own businesses, so that they could still work, but fit things around their children.  They were desperate though to build their own contacts and find support and guidance from others in the same position and so from there, the Glossop Working Mother’s Networking Group was born.

I arranged the first meeting at a local café, mid-morning, so as not to effect any school runs!!  On offer was a brew and a pastry and hopefully, a chance to meet like-minded people and introduce and promote your business.  The initial contact list was built from any contacts I could find, who I thought may be interested and the response was excellent. The first meeting was held on 24th June and 13 people attended.  Everyone had a very positive experience and some great discussions developed, contacts were exchanged and relationships established.

Since the launch, word has spread and I have had several independent enquiries from working Mums who want to attend.

We held our second meeting on Thursday 3rd October with a guest speaker.  I already have plans for a Christmas meeting and am confident that the group will continue to grow and hopefully, will be a first port of call for any Mother in the Glossop area, who is setting up a business or returning to the workplace and wants to gain advice, assistance and support from a group of like-minded individuals.

Kirsy Morbey

Family & Relationships solicitor, Glossop

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