Free Employment Law & Tax Seminar – Thursday 16th July 2015

Location: Lomas & Company, Bridge House, 12 Market Street, Glossop, SK13 8AR £0.00

Davis Blank Furniss and Lomas & Company are delighted to invite you to a FREE seminar in Glossop on Thursday 16th July that will tackle two of the most commonly asked Employment Law and Tax issues.

The first part of the event will be led by Shiva Shadi – head of the Employment team at Davis Blank Furniss – and will cover Conduct Dismissals. It is difficult to always know how far you can go in disciplining an employee when their conduct does not meet your organisation’s standards. It can be equally challenging to decide whether you can terminate a contract of employment based on conduct.  Get it wrong and it could be a very costly mistake. Shiva will take delegates through the most common issues, including: 

  1. Unauthorised use of computers
  2. Abusive language
  3. Drinking and drugs
  4. Theft and dishonesty
  5. Violence and fighting
  6. Fraudulent conduct
  7. Sleeping on duty 

She will also provide practical advice on how to best deal with these issues in the workplace as well as the mitigating circumstances that should be taken into account.

After a short coffee break, Paul Lomas – director of Lomas & Company – will take to the floor to ask: Do taxpayers really want to pay £521,700 in tax… each? 

Over a full 47 year working life, i.e. from 18 to 65, the lifetime income of someone earning an average of £30,000 a year will be £1,410,000. The Treasury’s own 2012 ‘Red Book’ statistics show that in 2013 onwards c.37% of national income will be spent by the government as tax over the medium term. Therefore the approximate lifetime tax burden on a £30,000 pa earner will be 37% of £1,410,000 – which is £521,700. 

Everybody has to pay tax, but no-one should pay more than their fair share. So, Paul will discuss how tax payers can start to identify where and how to make significant tax savings.

Members of the Davis Blank Furniss and Lomas & Company teams will be on hand during lunch to answer any queries you may have.

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