Employment Law Conference

Location: City Tower, Piccadilly £0.00

This event has now taken place.  Click here to download the slides.


In association with ACAS and EN, we are hosting a free seminar in Manchester to provide practical advice on the issues that are currently of greatest concern to our clients, together with changes to legislation and case law updates.

Programme 1pm – 4.30pm

Registration and sandwich lunch

Performance Management – Shiva Shadi, Head of Employment.  Performance Management has become the key to not only surviving the downturn by ensuring staff are motivated and working efficiently but as a necessary tool for protecting a business, following the repeal of the deafult retirement age, from claims of age discrimination under the Equalities Act 2010 as well as disability discrimination.  Shiva will take you through the potential pitfalls and offer practical advice to avoid them.

Employment Law Legislation and Case Law Update – Claire Smith, Partner.  Claire will provide a summary of the main changes to employment legislation over the past twelve months and those on the horizon, together with practical advice for implementing the changes and details of recent tribunal decisions and more. 

Conduct Dismissals – Shiva Shadi, Head of Employment.  Shiva will tackle the difficult issues relating to conduct dismissals, whether it is the use of abusive language, drinking, drugs and smoking, violence and fighting, theft, dishonesty and fraudulent conduct or simply sleeping on duty.  She will proivde you with practice advice in handling such situations and the steps you need to take to ensure your buisness is protected.

The Agency Workers Directive – 12 months on.  Susan Raftery, ACAS It’s now 12 months since this legislation was introduced.  Susan will give an overview on the effect this has had on the employment of agency workers.

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