Buying & Selling a Business

Location: The Hilton Hotel, Beetham Tower, Deansgate, Manchester £0.00

In association with Pierce and EN, we are hosting a free seminar in Manchester to look at how businesses can maximise profits from acquisitions and investments.

In a static economy many companies with healthy balance sheets may well be considering growth by acquisition.  If buying, how can you make sure you get a return on investment and if selling, how can you maximise your sale price?  From identifying strategic targets to securing funding, carrying out due diligence and negotiating the final terms, the first session will provide an introduction in doing deals that add genuine long-term value for the purchaser.

The second session will then focus on the considerations for selling a business, primary legal matters and what steps entrepreneurs can take to maximize their sale price.  We will also highlight the pitfalls and mistakes most businesses make and what steps you should take to avoid them.

Programme – 1-4pm

Registration & lunch

How to find, fund and complete an acquisition –John Green, Director, Pierce Business Advisory and Accountancy Group

Considerations when buying assets (including property issues/TUPE) – Andy McNish, Richard Hamilton & Anna Bunting, Partners, Davis Blank Furniss

How to maximise the sale proceeds on disposal – John Green, Director, Pierce Business Advisory and Accountancy Group

The legal considerations for a Seller – Sonio Singh, Partner, Davis Blank Furniss


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