Annual Employment Law Conference

Location: The Point - Lancashire County Cricket Club £40.00

This year’s event will include sessions on the following topics:

Atypical Workers : Shiva Shadi – Partner & Head of Employment

There has been a rapid increase in flexibility and diversity ofemployer/employee relationships with a rise in numbers of part-time workers, casual workers, consultants, homeworkers etc. We will give you an overview of rights and protection afforded to such atypical employees and workers.

Employment Law Update : Claire Reddington, Solicitor

We will provide you with a summary of the main changes to employment legislation that have taken place over the past twelve months and those which are on the horizon. This will be accompanied by details of recent tribunal decisions and awards, together with practical advice as to implementing the changes.

Recruitment – Getting it Right : Anna Bunting – Associate Solicitor

In a difficult economic climate it is prudent to prepare for the upturn and be well placed to make the most of new opportunities. Some businesses may therefore need to start thinking of recruiting staff to replace those lost during the recession. Getting it right at the outset can significantly reduce or even avoid the headaches when things go wrong. We will guide you through ways in which employers can safeguard against the problematic employee and avoid common pitfalls. Topics will include advertisements, interview processes, job offers and references, contracts of employment, induction, and probationary reviews.

The Equality Act 2010 – The key changes to the legislation – what employers need to know : Merryn Wells – Transfer of Expertise Manager, Equality & Human Rights Commission

The Equality Act will become law in October 2010. It replaces previous legislation (such as the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) and ensures consistency in what you need to do to make your workplace a fair environment and to comply with the law.

Merryn will cover the key provisions of the new Equality Act, and the implications for employers to ensure you are fully prepared, including.

  • New protected characteristics
  • Changes to disability provisions
  • Pay issues
  • Pre-employment questionnaires
  • Extension of protection from sexual harassment
  • Extension of Tribunal powers

Merryn Wells

Merryn has 25 years’ experience of working in the equalities field, firstly at the Equal Opportunities Commission and since October 2007, at the Equality and Human Rights Commission. At the EOC, she was Head of the Recruitment and Advertising Unit, advising employers and publishers on best practice. She has also specialised in Equal Pay, Flexible Working and covered employment issues in general. As a Casework Manager she recommended cases for legal assistance to the EOC’s Legal Committee.

Merryn is now Transfer of Expertise Manager for the new Commission, with responsibility for raising the level of awareness of the equalities legislation amongst employers, HR professionals and the Public Sector across England. Her objective is to enable employers to act within the legislation at all times, promoting best practice and avoiding costly litigation.

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