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Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law

We have many years of experience in advising high profile personalities on all aspects of the entertainment industry which includes:

Recording Agreements: agreements between record label and recording artist; session musicians’ agreements; featured artist agreement.

Music Publishing Agreements: agreements between publisher and writers; single-song assignments.

Music Licenses: synchronisation licenses, music sample clearances.

Distribution: record distribution agreements, merchandising agreements; record pluggers agreement.

Artist Management Agreement: agreement between recording artist and managers.

Booking Agent’s Agreement: agreements between booking agent and artist or DJ’s or dancers.

Record Producer Agreement:agreements between record company, artist and producer; mixer and re-mixer’s agreements.

Record label start-ups: – guidance through the required agreements and collection society rules and regulations to set-up and maintain your record label.

Band Agreements: incorporating the band as a limited company or as a partnership, to regulate the relationship between the band members.

Live Entertainmentagreement with promoters and venues, event management and touring agreements, staging charity concerts, music festivals and film exhibitions and film premiers. Fashion shows.

Theatre: rental agreements, co-production agreement and performance related matters.

Film and Television: option agreements, film finance, chain of title, talent agreements (scriptwriters, directors, actors, set designers and composers), production and post-production agreements and reality TV agreements.

Broadcasting: applications for broadcasting licences, rights to broadcast a radio or TV programmes and regulatory issues.

Our entertainment law team have been involved in numerous high profile cases and matters:

  • Acting for internationally known, high profile band, to obtain unpaid royalties from their music publisher dating back five years.
  • Acting for a musician, in a trade mark dispute, regarding the registration of a band name, as a trade mark and the ownership of the band’s name.
  • Acting on behalf of a writer in a dispute as to the ownership of lyrics to song. The writer was not aware of his rights and that he should be paid for his contribution to the hit song.
  • Acting on behalf of a high profile reality TV star, to license his image to endorse a blend of wines.
  • Advising an artist management company of a 60’s influential pop band on the staging of a west-end theatre production on the band’s life story.