Davis Blank Furniss to sponsor the launch of TLC: Talk, Listen, Change

Davis Blank Furniss is delighted to be sponsoring the official launch event of the new charity TLC: Talk, Listen, Change which is taking place on Tuesday 11th April in Manchester.

TLC: Talk, Listen, Change, which was part of the Relate Federation before becoming an independent charity, will offer a variety of services such as parenting programmes, domestic abuse services, family mediation and counselling for adults, couples and children.

Its mission is to enable people of all ages to benefit from healthy and happy relationships, and to create a society where people enjoy good emotional wellbeing and personal resilience; supported by positive relationships in all areas of their life.

TLC: Talk, Listen, Change will deliver a range of integrated support, therapies and programmes of work which will help improve emotional wellbeing and ensure healthy and happy relationships. It will support all forms of relationships, be that the relationship with yourself, with your partner or previous partner, family or friends, school or employer or with your community. People will be able to choose to access its services in the way in which works for them and will continue to be key to everything we do.

Caroline Bilous – senior solicitor in the Family team at Davis Blank Furniss – commented: “We are thrilled to be sponsoring the launch of TLC: Talk, Listen, Change. Its mission and work will help countless people across Greater Manchester and we wish them all the luck with the launch event.”

Michelle Hill – CEO of TLC: Talk, Listen, Change – added: “We are delighted to be launching Greater Manchester’s own relationship charity, TLC: Talk, Listen, Change. The team has been working hard and the launch will be an excellent event that pulls everything together. Davis Blank Furniss has been a fantastic partner and we are incredibly grateful for its support as we start our journey.”

For more information, please visit: www.talklistenchange.org.uk

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