Davis Blank Furniss launches major rebrand

Davis Blank Furniss Launches Major Rebrand

Davis Blank Furniss – the Manchester based law firm – has this week launched its first major re-brand in over a decade. The new brand positioning and its accompanying suite of supporting collateral, which includes logo, website, press advertising as well as various marketing and communication materials, has been created by the independent brand and digital agency, Studio North.

The starting point of the process was to identify and agree the firm’s core values which are; Professional (they know their stuff), Approachable (but they’re not stuffy), Traditional (but not old fashioned), Accessible (always contactable and client focused) Unique (experienced but with a young team) and have Heritage (they’re proud of their roots and history). These were then analysed and the main theme of the new brand was encapsulated in the term ‘Traditionally Original’.

This theme picks up and builds on the firm’s unique combination of heritage, ingenuity, community, innovation and down to earth good humour.  The aim was to create a strong new look that is confident, a bit edgy, very different and very refreshing.

Crucial to the new positioning is the look and feel of the contemporary brand imagery. A bright illustrative style has been adopted that reflects Davis Blank Furniss’s forward thinking, approachable side and is used to deliver a range of concepts and messages as well as differentiate it within a crowded market place.

Bespoke illustrations have been created for each department using flat colours from a simple palette which includes a strong red and a cool grey which are then complemented by a combination of limes, blues, purples and yellows. Each illustration is intended to be as simple as possible and are positioned alongside reportage style photography where necessary.

Kate Oldfield, managing partner of Davis Blank Furniss, said; ‘Davis Blank Furniss has been on the Manchester legal map for over 100 years. We have a dynamic and forward thinking team so we needed an identity and positioning that reflected those attributes. This re-brand isn’t about changing the ethos of the practice but it is about creating a true reflection of what we now stand for.

Kate continued; ‘We are immensely proud of our heritage and this launch is the next step and the natural evolution of the firm. We have already had positive feedback from our clients and contemporaries so we are sure that it will help to position us for the next decade and well beyond.’

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