Davis Blank Furniss Launches Cutting Edge Mobile Website

Over the past few years, the way people search for legal support has changed and evolved. The influence of the Internet, and the role it plays, is now a defining channel for law firms and their website is probably the most important platform they have. So, Davis Blank Furniss – the Manchester & Glossop based law firm – is this week launching a brand new, cutting edge and innovative mobile site.

The new optimised site – one of the first in the region’s legal sector – was created by Studio North. It is an edited version of Davis Blank Furniss’s main website and is designed to facilitate access to the firm’s various departments via hand-held devices, quickly and easily. The key benefits for users are based around flexibility and convenience.

The Android, iPhone and Blackberry compatible site boasts a number of unique features; visitors can now benefit from quick-loading and easy to read content – that has been purpose built for mobile devices – thanks to an optimised navigation function which delivers quick (two-click) access to any page on the site.

It also boats a map function using GPS, which is fully integrated with Google Maps, so users can find their way to both offices from any given point. Other benefits include a quick call function and a fluid page layout ensuring page content automatically reacts depending on whether a portrait or landscape view is needed.

Kate Oldfield, managing partner of Davis Blank Furniss, commented; “It is vital for lawyers, just like any other industry, to stay one step ahead and to meet the needs of its clients. Researching law firms can be stressful and confusing so we want to make the process as simple and as convenient as possible.  

Kate added; The new mobile website has been created to do just that and we are confident it will become a pivotal part of how we do business.”

Davis Blank Furniss’s new mobile website is live now.

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