Davis Blank Furniss Launches Collaborative Law Service

Davis Blank Furniss – the Manchester based law firm – is this week launching a brand new service which will offer clients who are experiencing a family breakdown the chance to avoid going to Court. The new Collaborative Law function is the latest edition to the firm’s private client department.

The service is headed up by Anita Shepherd and will see the team support its clients at face to face meetings with the other party involved and their respective Collaborative Lawyer. The aim is to encourage and support both sides in the sharing of information and to explore and a whole range of solutions.  Agreements which are reached using this process are more likely to be workable as both parties have been instrumental in achieving the outcome.

Collaborative Law is different from mediation as it provides separating couples with a greater degree of legal support as their lawyer is present at every meeting. The process is also more flexible as it can be tailored to the needs and requirements of those involved. 

Anita Shepherd, solicitor and lead in the Collaborative Law team, commented; When a family of any shape or size splits up, the upheaval and resulting legal process can be traumatic for everyone. It can often become very acrimonious which leads to even more pain and heartache – especially if children are involved. As a business, we see this day in day out so the sole aim of this new service is to make breakdowns more bearable. To offer families an opportunity to create their own solutions complete with careful representation and support is a powerful thing”Anita concluded; By offering a Collaborative Law service, we are also developing our core business which is an exciting step for the firm.”

For more information, please log onto https://www.dbf-law.co.uk/collaborative/

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