Davis Blank Furniss Becomes Panel Member for Lawyer Supported Mediation

Davis Blank Furniss is pleased to announce that is now a panel member for Lawyer Supported Mediation.

Other panel members are Slater and Gordon (incorporating Pannone), Gorvins, Higgins Miller, SAS Daniels, Birchall Blackburn La, Hartley Thomas and Wright, Cuttles and Co and Blavo and Co. The panel has also joined forces with three highly experienced family mediation providers: Greater Manchester Mediation, Just Solutions and Jackson Brearley Hudson Stoney.

Anita Shepherd – head of the Family team at Davis Blank Furniss – said: “We’re delighted to be panel members – especially as all participating members are working hard to bring the benefits of mediation to the attention of legal consumers.

Anita added: Davis Blank Furniss is one of nine law firms in the Greater Manchester area which offers lawyer supported mediation with fixed fees; this ensures price certainty and an ability to provide a full dispute resolution service for a fixed fee price.”

Davis Blank Furniss is one of the founding members of LSM in Manchester and is committed to providing the average earner who maybe coping with a relationship breakdown access to legal support and advice.
For more information on Lawyer Supported Mediation, please click here.

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