Davis Blank Furniss Becomes Official Provider of LawyerSupportMediation.com

Davis Blank Furniss has been announced as an official provider of www.LawyerSupportedMediation.com – a new approach for resolving issues arising from divorce or separation. Lawyer Supported Mediation is a growing network of senior family lawyers around the UK that was founded by Advantage Resolution Ltd.

The service is aimed at separating partners who, although in disagreement, want to avoid the strain and expense of more costly court proceedings. Choosing Lawyer Supported Mediation means that local North West clients referred to Davis Blank Furniss via the company will benefit from a fixed fee for all the legal support and advice that they will need in order to reach agreement during the mediation process. When setting a fixed fee the firm’s Family department will take into account each client’s specific requirements and financial circumstances.

Lawyer Supported Mediation requires both parties to participate so Advantage Resolution Ltd will act as the professional go-between to impartially support both parties in deciding if the mediation process is for them. If called upon, it is their role to establish the willingness of the separating/former partner to participate. There is no charge for this added service.  The aim is to encourage separating couples to resolve matters without the need for formal court proceedings.

Anita Shepherd, head of the Family department at Davis Blank Furniss, commented: “We believe Lawyer Supported Mediation combines the best of both worlds: one of our team of expert family lawyers providing the advice a client would need plus a fully trained family mediator to help reach an agreement in a cost effective, supported and seamless process.”

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