Claire Gooch – Solicitor in our Personal Injury department – on when an illness is caused by your working environment.

Claire Gooch, Personal Injury solicitor at DBF Law

Did you know that you can claim for illnesses caused by your working environment?


Most people are aware that if they have an accident at work then they may be able to claim compensation from your employer. However, people can also claim if they have developed dermatitis and other skin conditions and other injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain injuries and Asthma.


Who may be at risk?


If you work with products such as resins, latex, chemicals, cleaners and metal working fluids, you may be at risk from developing dermatitis or other skin conditions. Corrosive and irritating chemicals can also lead to dermatitis. Therefore, if you work in industries using chemicals or liquids and you have developed a skin condition or a skin condition you previously suffered from has become worse then you may have a claim.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If your work involves the use of vibrating power tools you may be at risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  You may also be at risk if your role involves striking or banging objects constantly throughout the day, such as metal working and work in foundries.  If you have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and your job involved these types of tools then you may have a claim for compensation.


If your work involves exposure to fumes, grains and dusts or other types of air pollutants then you may be at risk of developing asthma.  If you have developed breathing difficulties or have started to suffer from asthma since being exposed to these irritants then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation against your employer.

Do I need to visit my GP before making a claim?

You need to have a diagnosis of the any condition from a medical professional in order to make a claim but if you have not yet visited your doctor, and just wish to seek some more information, then feel free to contact us.

How long do I have to make a claim?

You have three years from the date that you link your diagnosis of an illness to your working environment to make a claim for compensation.

Can I claim any benefits if I am unable to continue to work with my condition or illness?

You may be entitled to claim the following benefits depending on your past employment:

  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit.
  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.
  • Employment and Support Allowance.

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to advise you further on what benefits you are entitled to and even help you to complete the forms.


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