Celebrity Divorces -v- the reality

The Law Society has recently warned that celebrity divorces are giving ordinary couples an unrealistic view about what to expect when going through a divorce. Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi’s recent divorce seemed to be dealt with very quickly, which is becoming a more common trend for celebrities who can afford to walk away from the marriage without worrying about the costs or the assets they are left with.

The reality of going through a divorce is very different. The process is often lengthy, frustrating and emotional. Where the parties are both very acrimonious, their main objective is often to make the process as difficult as possible for the other party and fight every issue, which results in numerous Court hearings. This is extremely costly, which depletes the pot of matrimonial assets, and the final Court Order generally leaves both parties feeling dissatisfied. Furthermore, the stress of Court proceedings does very little to help the parties build bridges and this is detrimental in the long-term, particularly where children are involved.

In order to avoid this, we make the effort to understand the social and psychological issues affecting the parties from an early stage. This encourages sensible negotiating and finding practical solutions to deal with the non-legal issues that arise during divorce proceedings. Mediation is a really useful tool for parties to sit down with their legal representatives and vent all of the issues, both legal, parenting and social, in a neutral setting. This gives parties an opportunity to reach a holistic agreement that deals with all issues; rather than having to go through stressful Court proceedings that ultimately leaves the parties feeling as acrimonious as they were feeling at the beginning of the process.

Anita Shepherd

Family & Relationship Solicitor

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