“Brit Tourist, 23, Could Be Paralysed After Horror Water Park Accident In Benidorm” – Kate Oldfield, Managing Partner & Head of Personal Injury – on staying safe whilst on holiday

This is the type of headline that we all dread.

We all want to stay safe on holiday, but when the sun is shining and we are relaxed we may take risks that we wouldn’t do if we were at home. Holiday makers volunteer for all sorts of adventure sports, often mistakenly believing, that standards abroad will be the same as at home.  Sadly this is often not the case.

If you are injured on holiday there are a number of ways in which you may be protected.  The first and most sensible way is to ensure that before you travel abroad you arrange good insurance protection.  You will be able to rely on this immediately following an accident and good travel insurance should cover treatment abroad and also repatriation if necessary.  Without insurance, medical emergencies can cost many thousands of pounds.

If you have a serious injury abroad it is much easier to bring a claim for compensation if you have bought the holiday as a package.  This would enable you to bring your claim in England and Wales.   There are special regulations which mean that your holiday company has to assist you in resort and they have to be responsible for compensation once you return home.

If you are an independent traveller however and you have organised the holiday yourself it is a little more difficult, however there are still some steps that we can all take to ensure that we are as safe as possible.

If you are travelling within the European Economic area then you should ensure that all members of your party have a European Health Insurance Card.  If you are injured or become ill on holiday then your treatment costs will be reduced or may even be free.

Make sure that you are travelling with a reputable company. If you book any excursions or day trips then make sure that you book with a reliable firm.

It is common sense. Take simple sensible precautions and always make sure that you have your insurance documents and your European Health Insurance Card with you.

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