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Breakfast Briefing – Professional Negligence: What you should know and what you need to know

The task of running a business is virtually impossible without the assistance of “the professionals”; from setting up your business, to buying or leasing commercial premises, to managing your financials,  you have no option but to put your trust in your chosen professionals

But what if your “trusted advisor” lets you down, costs you more money, or is negligent?  What should you be looking for? What is the difference between poor service and negligence?

Paul Walton, a leader in the field of professional negligence will describe the types of claims in negligence that can arise against Solicitors and other Professionals and provide hints as to what to look out for when considering a claim.  He will provide case histories of some cases which he has dealt with in the recent past.  He will also outline recent changes in the Law and legal practice concerning professional negligence claims and the funding of claims.”

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