Anita Shepherd – head of the Family department – on the launch of Resolution’s manifesto which is calling for changes to law on divorce and separation.

As a family lawyer it is motivating and uplifting to hear that Resolution has launched a ‘Manifesto for Family Law’. It is intended to be wake-up call for current and future politicians to alert them to issues that need to be addressed in family law. It requests the next government to:

  1. Protect vulnerable people going through separation;
  2. Introduce measures to keep divorce out of court;
  3. Introduce a Parenting Charter to help parents understand their responsibilities on separation;
  4. Allow people to divorce without blame;
  5. Help people understand how their divorce will affect their future finances;-
  6. Provide basic legal rights for couples who live together if they separate.

If changes of this nature are made then it will dramatically improve many social problems that stem from the significant impact that relationship breakdowns can have on families and children.

Resolution is a national practice group which promotes a code of conduct for family lawyers to provide advice on relationship breakdown which is constructive, conciliatory and non-confrontational.  I am an advanced accredited specialist member of Resolution and fully support the manifesto.

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