Anita Shepherd – head of the Family team: Don’t neglect your emotional needs when facing relationship difficulties or a breakdown.

It is very important to be emotionally ready when making important decisions regarding a relationship breakdown. I have found that during my 16 years of working as a family lawyer, clients feel compelled or pressured to make major life decisions at a time when they are likely to be feeling emotionally vulnerable.

I recognise that if a client is not emotionally ready then the legal process will prove all the more stressful and daunting.  It is essential to consider the emotional needs of a new client from the very outset of working together. I also believe that you must put in place support and guidance from an experienced and suitably qualified relationship counsellor or divorce/separation coach alongside the obvious legal advice if it’s needed.

Before studying Law, my first degree was in Psychology and Sociology, which is where my appreciation of these issues derives from.  I have established contacts with highly experienced and reputable relationship counsellors who I can put you in touch with should you feel this would help.

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